Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've discovered one of the best ways to cope with national tragedies and this sometimes scary world we're in... point your car towards the nearest ocean. Turn off the news, hold your family close, and stick your toes in the sand.
And that's exactly what we did.

The few days leading up to our beach trip, Brad was actually in Vegas. He turns 30 this summer, and his brother offered to take him for a bro trip to celebrate. Last week just so happened to be the only time it'd work for both of them, so they took advantage.
I know I'm going to sound insanely na├»ve, so if you roll your eyes at what I'm about to say, I totally get it. But while most wives would be worried or stressed about their husbands being in Sin City, I didn't have any reservations about Brad going. I trust him, completely and totally. Frankly, he's too much of a stick-in-the-mud to even think about getting into trouble. haha. His type of fun is goofy fun... throwing soap in a fountain or some other high schooler prank type thing... not the Hangover type trouble. All he wanted to do was try his hand at Texas Hold 'Em. Turns out he was really good and actually brought home a little money. Go figure.
They checked out the famous hotels, saw the Blue Man Group, and met some cool people. So yeah. That's about all there is to tell on that end.

He was supposed to come back home Wednesday night, and we were going to leave for Kiawah Island on Thursday. Unfortunately, the Midwest blizzard put a damper on those plans. His flight was cancelled, so we were scrambling around trying to figure out the best option.

So Thursday morning, I packed everything up and headed towards Charleston with Noah on my own. Brad caught the next flight into the Charleston airport, and Noah and I picked him up on the way down to the beach. It worked out perfectly.

After 15 years, my dad (and his two other buddies) have decided to put the place on the market. Brad started going to Kiawah with my family back in high school, so it will forever have a special place in our hearts. He's proposed to me a million times on that beach. We stood at the edge of the ocean at 19, worried we'd never be back there together again right before he left for his mission. And we've watched our baby play in the sand there.

So anyway, we're trying to squeeze as much time out of that place as we can before they sell.
I only took a few shots with my fancy camera, mostly because I wanted to be present. Also because I forgot to bring my battery charger. This is when I'm thankful for camera phones.

My parents joined us Friday night, and my stepsister joined us Saturday (she had to work in Mt Pleasant over the weekend).

(seriously, I look like a 7th grader in this picture. You'd never know I had a cute Anthro top on underneath that sweatshirt, but it got cold. Oh well...)

If any of y'all remember our last attempt at this, you know it was terrible. We didn't sleep at all, because Noah was so thrown off by the whole thing. This time, I decided to bring his entire crib with us. We put it in our room with us, because we realized he didn't want to be left alone. And it was magical. He slept and would wake up every morning giggly and happy.

So yeah. We had a great time.


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Beautiful photos!! So glad you had a great time. That was smart to bring his whole crib!!!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Beautiful pictures!! My parents went to Kiawah last year and they LOOOOVED it. It sounded magical. And these pictures are beautiful.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I would never, ever worry about Declan in Vegas either. He's just not like that, so I get it ;)

Beautiful pictures.