Friday, April 26, 2013

friday fiddlyfart

Brad and I are convinced that every night before he goes to bed, Noah plots new ways that he can destroy our house. New places to dump an entire bag of Baked Lays and crush into the carpet. Better techniques of pulling every cushion off the couches. Y'know, that kind of thing.


I'm usually pretty strict about Noah's diet, especially since he's such a picky eater. It takes a lot of extra creativity and effort to sneak those veggies into him, but it's doable.
I've always preached that if you don't buy it, they can't eat it. If all they have to choose from is healthy food, then they'll eat it. Kids won't starve themselves. The same is true for adults. Watch the Biggest Loser, and that's usually one of the first things they address... get the junk out.

However, I'm not immune to letting it slowly sneak into our home. I'll buy ice cream, just for fun, because Noah loves it so much. Brad will grab Noah a bag of Lays potato chips (NOT the baked kind...) while strolling through the cracker/chip aisle.

The real kicker? When Noah started reaching towards a bag in the chip aisle. I couldn't figure out what it was he was asking for, so I got him out of the cart to show me. He walked right up to a bag of Funyuns. He's never even HAD a Funyun before! I've never had a Funyun before! Frankly, I don't even know what a Funyun is... is it an onion flavored chip? An actual onion?

So yeah. We came home from the beach, promising each other not to buy any more treats for Noah. He was refusing to eat anything else. We were excited if he ate a few bites of banana.

Now? Just a few days later? He's back to eating healthy. Apples, bananas, raw pumpkin, and about 8 smoothiesicles a day. Once he figured out that all the "fun stuff" was gone, he started asking for his healthy foods again. Thus my point is proven, by the pickiest eater in the world.


I have another wedding I'm shooting tomorrow. Honestly, the photography world needs to come up with a better word than that. I feel all weird every single time, saying I'm going to shoot a family or whatever. Sounds creepy.


Brad came home from work yesterday with his eye in an insane amount of pain. I'd had dinner plans with a friend of mine for last night. Instead I ended up taking Brad to Urgent Care. He has a "corneal abrasion". We're still not sure where it happened, but even if it happened at work, there's no real way to prove it. While waiting in the lobby, Noah (of course) ended up having a poopy diaper. The diapers were in the car, which Brad had the keys to. So I spent the next 20 minutes apologizing to whoever happened to sit in our stinky vicinity.

I told Brad I think he did it on purpose. The man has been to Vegas, a guys' night with coworkers, and is going fishing with his dad next week. The last time I was out alone was at a photography workshop about three weeks ago. And even though it was a blast, I came home exhausted.

I need a girls' night.
And yes, I know I'm whining while my husband's eye feels like it might fall out. Wife of the year right here. ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!!

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Ben and Sara said...

I hear ya...I could definitely use a night out too ! Good Luck at your photo shoot tomorrow. What an awesome hobby/job to have and you are so good at it too!